Character Stats

Stats Summary

There are three primary stats for every character, which determines your health and mana points:

  • Endurance – 1/2 point of Stamina and HP for every point spent.
  • Mana – 1/2 point of Power and Ability Points (AP) for every point spent.
  • Intelligence – 1/2 point of Tactics for every point spent, and 1/8 point of HP and AP for every point spent.

Health Points = Stamina + Tact/4
Mana Points = Power + Tact/4

Based on what type of character you are, you have a Key Stat (KS). This Key Stat determines how effective your abilities are. There are three different Key Stats:

  • Stamina
  • Power
  • Tactics

Character Creation/Leveling

  • A new character gets 100 points to allot for primary stats. Points can only be applied in increments of 5, and each primary stat must have at least 10 points allotted.
  • A character gets to choose a talent for every 50 (GM discretion) points spent after 100.
  • Talents unlock each tier of abilities. A player does not have to choose A and B talents from their specialization, but A and B talents must be chosen before C and D talents can be chosen. To unlock a C talent, an A or B talent must be chosen in that specialization, and a D talent can only be chosen if the C talent is chosen.
  • In essence, choose talents in order, but C and D must be taken in the same tree and must at least have an A or B in that tree.

Talent tree

Character Stats

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