Death Knight

Generic Normal Abilities

Army of the Dead – Summons an entire army of ghouls from the dead to fight for you. The ghouls will do KS*(# of rounds spent summoning) damage to all targets within 10 yards of yourself. You can spend a maximum of 3 rounds summoning, and the ghouls will last for three rounds after you stop summoning them. Only usable once per encounter.
Death Grip (Instant) – Harness the unholy energy that surrounds and binds all matter, immediately drawing an enemy directly in front of you. You cannot Death Grip the same target twice unless a considerable amount of time has passed.
Raise Ally – Pours dark energy into a recently deceased combatant, returning the spirit to its body. Must be used within seconds of dying. Only usable once per day.

Path of Frost – Allows all allies to walk across water. Cannot be used in combat.

Specialty-Based Normal Abilities

Stamina (Endurance)
Blood Strike (Instant) – Strike the enemy, doing Stam*1.5 damage and [weakening] them for a round.
Blood Boil (Instant) – Boil the blood of all enemies within 10 yards, doing Stam*2 Shadow damage. Only usable three times per encounter.
Bone Shield (Instant) – Surrounds you with a barrier of 3 whirling bones. Every time you get hit, you lose a bone. While bone shield is active, you take 20% less damage. Only usable once per encounter.

Power (Mana)
Frost Strike (Instant) – Strike the enemy, doing Pow*2 Frost damage and [slowing] them for a round.
Howling Blast (Instant) – Blast a target with frigid wind, doing Pow*3 Frost damage to it, Pow*2 Frost damage to a second enemy, and Pow damage to a third enemy. All enemies must be within 10 yards of you. Only usable three times per encounter.
Pillar of Frost (Instant) – Calls upon the power of Frost to increase the Death Knight’s damage modifiers by one for three rounds. Icy crystals also hang heavy upon the Death Knight’s body, providing immunity against external movement such as knockbacks. Only usable once per encounter.

Tactics (Intelligence)
Scourge Strike (Instant) – Strike the enemy, doing Tact damage, ignoring any damage reduction or invulnerability.
Death and Decay (Instant) – Corrupts an area of ground of radius 10 for three rounds. Anyone standing in this area takes Tact*2 damage per round and is [slowed]. Only usable three times per encounter.
Anti-Magic Shell (Instant) – Surrounds the Death Knight with anti-magic energy for three rounds, deflecting all magic damage (including healing) and preventing the application of harmful magic effects. Only usable once per encounter.

Special Abilities

Blood (Stamina)
Purgatory (Instant) – An unholy pact grants you the ability to fight on through damage that would kill mere mortals. When you would sustain fatal damage, you instead are wrapped in a Shroud of Purgatory for 3 rounds, absorbing incoming healing equal to the amount of damage prevented. If any healing absorption remains when Shroud of Purgatory expires, you die. Otherwise, you survive. Only usable once per encounter.
Blood Tap (Instant) – Regain Stam*0.2 health immediately. Costs 1 MP.

Lichborne (Instant) – Focus the unholy energy of your undead aspect and become immune to [fear], [charm], and [sleep] effects for three rounds. Any Shadow damage done to you heals you. Costs 2 MP.
Death Strike (Instant) – Focus dark power into a strike, dealing Stam*2 Shadow damage to an enemy and stealing Stam*0.3 health for yourself. Costs 3 MP.

Dancing Rune Weapon (Instant) – Summon a copy of your weapon to do exactly as you do for 3 rounds. Costs 4 MP.

Vampiric Blood (Instant) – Increase your health and healing received by 50% for 3 rounds. Costs 5 MP.

Frost (Power)
Icebound Fortitude (Instant) – Freeze your blood to become immune to [incapacitate] effects and reduce all damage taken by 20%. Only usable once per encounter.
Killing Machine(Instant) – Gain [speed] and become immune to movement impairing effects for three rounds. Costs 1 MP.

Brain Freeze (Instant) – [Interrupt] an enemy and [silence] them for a round. Costs 2 MP.
Chains of Ice (Instant) – Does Pow*2 Frost damage, [immobilizes] an enemy for a round, then [slows] them for two rounds after. Costs 3 MP.

Obliterate (Instant) – A brutal attack that deals Pow*5 Frost damage. Costs 4 MP.

Remorseless Winter (Instant) – Surrounds the Death Knight with a swirling tempest of frigid air for 3 rounds, chilling enemies within 10 yards, [slowing] them and dealing Pow Frost damage. After 3 rounds, all targets are [frozen] for a round. Costs 5 MP.

Unholy (Tactics)
Raise Dead – Raise a dead body in the form of a ghoul to fight for you until it dies. A ghoul has 25% of your HP and does Tact damage each round to your target. Can only have one ghoul at a time. Has a 20% chance to raise the target as an abomination, doing twice the damage. Only usable once per encounter.
Death Coil (Instant) – Fire a blast of unholy energy, healing undead targets for Tact*0.4 or doing Tact*4 damage to an enemy. Costs 1 MP.

Strangulate (Instant) – Shadow tendrils constrict an enemy’s throat, [interrupting] them and [silencing] them for 3 rounds. Costs 2 MP.
Summon Gargoyle (Instant) – A gargoyle flies into the area and bombards your target with Shadow damage for three rounds, doing Tact*2 damage each round. Costs 3 MP.

Dark Simulacrum (Instant) – Places a dark ward on an enemy that allows you to replicate the next spell the enemy casts for free. Costs 4 MP.

Anti-Magic Zone (Instant) – Places an anti-magic zone in an area 10 yards across that reduces all magic damage to anything inside it by 75% for three rounds. Costs 5 MP.


Blood (Stamina)
A – Blood Parasite – All auto attacks have a 10% chance to spawn a Bloodworm for three rounds that does KS/2 damage per round to your target and heals you for 2 HP per round.
B – Veteran of the Third War – Increase your defense by 10%.
C – Will of the Necropolis – Every time you take damage to reduce you below 30% of your health, your next Blood Tap costs no AP.
D – Blood Shield – Whenever you heal yourself, gain a shield that absorbs half the amount healed. New Blood Shields replace old ones.
Frost (Power)
A – Threat of Thassarian – If dual-wielding, gain an extra 10% chance to hit.
B – Might of the Frozen Wastes – If using a 2-handed weapon, increase the damage modifier of your damaging abilities by 1.
C – Chilblains – All Frost damage has a 20% chance to [immobilize] the target.
D – Brittle Bones – Your critical strikes do 3x damage instead of 2×.
Unholy (Tactics)
A – Gorefiend’s Grasp – You can use Death Grip to pull all enemies in a 20 yard range to yourself, but only once per encounter.
B – Dark Force – Strangulate now lifts the target in the air and [incapacitates] them for its duration.
C – Soul Reaper – Any target hit by your shadow damage gives you 5 AP when they die.
D – Master of Puppets – You can optionally sacrifice your ghoul to absorb damage equal to however much HP it has left.

Death Knight

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