General Gameplay

Campaign Rules

The system can take place in any stage of Warcraft lore (with some restrictions or rules to go by), and ideally doesn’t change given events. However, main events can be used and participated in. Travel time and the time it takes to do things in general are more realistic. Many things are GM discretion.

Death and Injuries

Death and injuries are different on Azeroth, with the spirit realm tied so closely to reality, and with benevolent forces of a higher power. Grievous and mortal wounds can be magically healed with enough channeling of a benevolent energy. Death can be temporary, but must be remedied within a few minutes, similar to real life. However when experiencing death or near death, a person in the Warcraft universe is none the worse for wear once they are healed fully. Upon death, a person’s spirit form can travel back to their body from the nearest Spirit Healer to re-enter it in an intact, but near death state (1 HP). Spirit Healers exist only for the salvation of heroes and will not continue to provide their service to those they deem unworthy. In such a situation, they may feel pity and simply resurrect a fallen champion at their location with some averse side-effects. Resurrection sickness in this instance takes at least a day of relative rest to recover from, and reduces all stats by half. If a person dies in this state, a Spirit Healer will not even consider assisting them anymore.

In certain situations, such as a beheading or some other extreme mutilation of the body or spirit, neither Spirit Healers nor a player can fully return a spirit to the body. In times like these, necromancers or desperate entities have been known to use other vessels to contain their essence.

General Gameplay

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