The noble humans of Azeroth are a proud, tenacious race. They bravely fought the orcish Horde for generations as the patrons of the Grand Alliance. Just as they thought peace had at last settled over their war-torn kingdoms, an even darker shadow descended upon the world. The undead Scourge unleashed a foul plague of death upon humanity and succeeded in decimating the northern human kingdom of Lordaeron. The few humans who survived fled south to the protection of Stormwind.

Yet no sooner had the undead struck than the demonic Burning Legion began its cataclysmic invasion of the world. The warriors of humanity stood fast against the Legion and helped save the world from imminent destruction. The defenders of Stormwind stand vigilant against any who would threaten the sanctity of their lands. Situated in the foothills of Elwynn Forest, Stormwind City is one of the last bastions of human power in the world.

Behind their leadership in Stormwind Keep, the humans remain steadfast in their commitment to the Grand Alliance. Backed by their stalwart allies, the armies of Stormwind have been called away to once again fight the savage Horde on distant battlefields. With the armies gone, the defense of Stormwind now falls to its proud citizens. As one of the few remaining humans left in the world, you must defend the kingdom against those who encroach upon it, and hunt down the subversive traitors who seek to destroy it from within.

Humans’ skin ranges from dark to light, and may have tones of other colors. Their eyes are blue, brown, green, gray, or hazel. Human hair is brown, black, blond, or red and is worn in nearly any fashion. Humans males average 6 feet in height and weigh about 180 pounds, with men noticeably taller and heavier than women.

Racial Traits
The Human Spirit (Passive) – The tenacity of the human race is one of their best traits. They will continue to fight through any level of adversity. Faced with relentless invasions by the Orcs, Burning Legion, and even the Scourge, the Human Spirit remains unconquered. Regenerates 1 AP per round.
Diplomacy (Passive) – One of the greatest advantages that humanity possesses is their aptitude for team work and leadership. Their leaders proposed forming the Alliance, and even ordinary citizens know that the right choice of words means the difference between leaving a good impression and leaving a great one. Very skilled at entering talks with unknown entities.
Sword/Mace Specialization (Passive) – These weapons symbolize justice in human culture, and human martial arts styles have been adapted to their use. Increases your chance to hit on auto attacks by 10% if using a sword or mace.
Perception (Passive) – Human societies tend to have more problems with crime than those of other races. This is perhaps best exemplified by the rise of the Defias and the Syndicate, though there are plenty of small time crooks as well. To cope, humans have developed their ability to perceive. Other races, particularly night elves, find this odd, as humans are naturally handicapped against most known humanoid races in low-light conditions, lacking dark and low-light vision. Increases ability to see [stealthed] targets by 5 yards.
Every Man for Himself (Instant) – The indomitable spirit of the humans also contributes to humanity’s powerful will to survive, demonstrated by their willingness to do anything necessary to survive and triumph over their foe. Breaks any status effect. Only usable once per encounter.

Playable Classes

  • Death Knight – Most death knights in existence, including the first one ever, were formerly stalwart humans while alive.
  • Hunter – Human hunters are not well-known, but have always been around in some capacity. Humans have long had domesticated beasts and produced fine archers. It was only a matter of time before they combined and evolved into a fighter utilizing the deadly combination.
  • Mage – When the Quel’dorei trained the first batch of one hundred humans in the most rudimentary of arcana, they were surprised to find the young race had great natural affinity. The sheer, raw power they could summon up even surpassed what high elven casters were capable of mustering, but they lacked control. Human mages still tend to characterize this trait.
  • Paladin – The first paladins on Azeroth were humans, stemming from the incredible loss of life during the First War. The remaining Clerics of Northshire trained in the ways of war to prepare themselves to better handle battlefield Light-bringing, founding the Knights of the Silver Hand.
  • Priest – While the draenei were the first known physical race to be associated with the Holy Light, humans were the first to discover it on Azeroth, and were responsible for passing their religion on to other races, most notably the high elves and dwarves. The humans founded the Church of the Holy Light, and the Clerics of Northshire served on the battlefield as healers during the First War.
  • Rogue – Human rogues can find respectable employment by working for Stormwind City’s SI:7 organization. These rogues primarily work as spies and field operatives, working to keep the Wrynn Dynasty safe and protecting the kingdom from potential harm. There are a considerable number of human rogues who find employment within the Syndicate instead, and work to undermine the very things their brethren in SI:7 try to preserve. Some rogues are also affiliated with the Syndicate’s archenemies, the Ravenholdt. However, a human rogue is really only true to himself.
  • Warlock – As soon as humans were taught to wield magic, they also found the offer of even more power from the Burning Legion. Most who follow this path end up as villains and cultists, but there are some few who maintain a shaky moral compass, fueled either by vengeance or insanity.
  • Warrior – The most popular place for a human to be is in melee combat with a sword in his or her hand. The knight is the elite warrior of humanity, the best of the normal troops. They typically form ranks and charge to devastating effect on the battlefield. For their relatively short-lived lives, humans are some of the most creative and cunning fighters in existence.

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