Generic Normal Abilities

Feign Death (Instant) – Stop your breathing and slow your heart rate to convince your enemies that you are dead. If you do this for more than 30 rounds (3 minutes), you must breathe again. Only usable once per encounter.
Disengage (Instant) – You attempt to leap 10 yards backwards. Can only be used in combat.
Camouflage – Makes you and your allies extremely difficult to see while moving and invisible while still. Entering combat will break this effect. Lasts three rounds. Only usable once per day.

Beast Lore – Most hunters can give you a basic rundown of any beast you come into contact with, in some cases knowing more advanced characteristics. Cannot be used in combat.

Each hunter also can have a pet companion that fights with them (see Pets).

Specialty-Based Normal Abilities

Stamina (Endurance)
Steady Shot (Instant) – A steady, repetitive shot that does Stam*2 damage. Usable while moving.
Snake Trap – Place a trap that will unleash venomous snakes on the first person to set it off. These snakes last 3 rounds and do Stam damage per round to anything that was within 5 yards of the trap when it went off. Only usable three times per encounter.
Spirit Bond (Instant) – If your pet is within 40 yards, both of you will regenerate Stam*0.1 HP per round. Lasts three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Power (Mana)
Aimed Shot – A well-aimed shot that does Pow*2.5 damage.
Multi-shot (Instant) – Shoot multiple projectiles in an arc, doing Pow*2 damage to one target and Pow/2 damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the first. Only usable three times per encounter.
Exhilaration (Instant) – Heal yourself and your pet for Stam*0.2 HP. Only usable once per encounter.

Tactics (Intelligence)
Explosive Shot (Instant) – Attach an explosive to your arrow or load in an explosive round that does Tact damage, plus Tact damage to any enemy within 5 yards of the target.
Explosive Trap – Place a fire trap that explodes when someone approaches. The trap does Tact*4 damage to anything within 5 yards of it and Tact damage to anything within 10 yards of it.
Deterrence (Instant) – Deflect all attacks and spells for one round. You can auto attack, but cannot do anything else during this duration. Only usable once per encounter.

Talented Abilities

Beast Mastery (Stamina)
Heart of the Phoenix (Instant) – If your pet dies, you can instantly bring it back to life. Only usable once per encounter.
Kill Command (Instant) – Order your pet to kill an enemy. You and your pet get an extra attack next round. Costs 1 AP.

Aspect of the Cheetah (Instant) – You gain [speed] for three rounds, but you are [slowed] for a round if hit during this duration. Costs 2 AP.
A Murder of Crows – Summon a flock of crows to attack an enemy for Stam*3 damage or a group of up to 5 enemies for Stam damage each. Usable while moving. Costs 3 AP.

Master’s Call (Instant) – If you are inflicted with any status effect, you can immediately call your pet to you to take the next attack that would hit you. Costs 4 AP.

Bestial Wrath (Instant) – You and your pet do twice as much damage for three rounds and cannot be afflicted with any status effect. Costs 5 AP.

Marksmanship (Power)
Misdirection (Instant) – All actions you take for the next three rounds make it seem like an ally of your choice is causing them. Only usable once per encounter.
Scatter Shot (Instant) – A short range shot (20 yards) that [disorients] a target for a round and does Pow damage. Costs 1 AP.

Concussive Shot (Instant) – Dazes an enemy, [slowing] them for 2 rounds and doing Pow*2 damage. Costs 2 AP.
Binding Shot (Instant) – Fires a magical projectile into the ground which causes anyone within 5 yards of it to be [slowed]. Anyone who moves from this range is [rooted] for 1 round. Costs 3 AP.

Silencing Shot (Instant) – Shoot a projectile at an enemy’s throat, causing it to be [silenced] for 3 rounds. Costs 4 AP.

Snipe – Spend your next 2 rounds finding the weakest spot on a target and setting up a shot so that after two rounds, you hit your mark perfectly, doing Pow*6 damage. Costs 5 AP.

Survival (Tactics)
Freezing Trap – Place a frost trap that freezes the first person to set it off in a block of ice for 10 rounds. Only usable once per encounter.
Trap Launcher – Allows you to load a trap into a launcher to place it anywhere within 40 yards of yourself. Usable while moving. Costs 1 AP.

Ice Trap – Place a frost trap that creates an ice slick with a 30 yard radius around itself when someone sets it off. This ice slick [slows] anyone in it and lasts for 3 rounds. Costs 2 AP.
Flare (Instant) – Reveals all [stealthed] or [invisible] enemies within 10 yards of the flare. Usable while moving. Costs 3 AP.

Black Arrow (Instant) – Load and fire an arrow or bullet infused with shadow and fire it at a target, doing Tact*2 damage, then Tact damage per round for three rounds. Costs 4 AP and stacks.

Barrage (Instant) – Rapidly fire a spray of shots in front of you for a round, doing Tact*4 damage to anything in the way. Costs 5 AP.


Beast Mastery (Stamina)
A – Intimidation – Kill Command now [incapacitates] an enemy for a round as well.
B – Frenzy – Your pet has a 20% chance to gain an extra auto attack next round.
C – Beast Master – Your pet takes 50% less damage.
D – Go for the Throat – If you critically strike, so does your pet.
Marksmanship (Power)
A – Thrill of the Hunt – If you do more than KS*4 damage in a round, you gain 1 HP.
B – Master Marksman – If you critically strike, gain 1 AP.
C – Piercing Shots – You ignore 50% of a target’s armor.
D – Careful Aim – If a target is above 80% health, all attacks do twice as much damage.
Survival (Tactics)
A – Posthaste – When disengaging, you now also gain [speed] for a round.
B – Aspect of the Hawk – Allows you to use Deterrence an extra time per encounter.
C – Essence of the Cobra – 10% more dodge and any projectile you shoot has a 10% chance to cause a Black Arrow effect on the target.
D – Fervor – Whenever you drop below 2 AP, gain 2 AP.


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