If not a named boss, every kill has a 20% chance (dwarves 30%) to drop an uncommon item. Uncommon items are worth 5g. Every kill has a 10% chance to drop a rare item (dwarves have 20%), and a 1% (dwarves 10%) chance to drop an epic item. For drops, roll d12 for type, then roll for number of random items in that category.

1. 1H sword (17/8)
2. 1H mace (17/5)
3. 1H axe/Fist (17/3)
4. 2H sword (17/5)
5. 2h mace (15/3)
6. 2h axe (15/4)
7. Polearm (18/0)
8. Staff (20/6)
9. Dagger (24/5)
10. Shield (16/8)
11. Wand/Off-Hand (20/4)
12. Ranged (26/8)

Named bosses have a loot table. Every boss drops something (GM discretion for how many things). Each item has a 10% (dwarves 20%) chance to drop (for number of items in loot table, assign to dice, roll to see which item, then roll to see if it drops – repeat until something drops). If loot table has some rares, some epics, always start with rares.

Alternative system: for each item in loot table, split percentage between each item. If the loot table has rares and epics, split so that epics have less than a 5% chance to drop.

Uncommon items are worth 10g. Rare items are worth 50g. Epic items are worth 100g.


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