Generic Normal Abilities

Counterspell – You unravel the magic involved in your enemies spellcast, disrupting it and causing the enemy to lose focus for one round. Only usable once per encounter.
Evocation – You create a torrent of energy around yourself and gain 25% of your health and mana per round until fully healed. If you are attacked while channeling this, it is interrupted.
Time Warp – Warp the flow of time and cause everyone to gain an extra normal attack per round for five rounds. Only usable once per day.

Teleport – Given some time (variable), a mage can create a portal (following the rules in Thinking with Portals – A Memorandum on Proper Portal Usage) to any city that they’ve been allowed to teleport to. In dire situations, the mage may be able to manage teleporting to a location never visited before. Cannot be used in combat.

Specialty-Based Normal Abilities

Stamina (Endurance)
Frostbolt – Launches a bolt of frost at the enemy, doing Stam*1.5 frost damage and [slowing] the target for one round.
Frost Nova – Blasts enemies in melee range for Stam/2 damage and freezes them in place for two rounds. Only usable three times per encounter.
Frost Armor – Reduces damage taken by 25% while active. Attacker is [slowed] for one round. Lasts three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Power (Mana)
Fireball – Hurls a fiery ball that causes Pow*2.5 fire damage on impact.
Fire Blast – Cause an explosion on your enemy for Pow*2 fire damage, hitting any enemies in melee range of the target for Pow damage. Only usable three times per encounter.
Molten Armor – Enemies are burned for Pow damage if they touch you. Cannot be critically hit while active. Lasts three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Tactics (Intelligence)
Arcane Blast – Blast the enemy with energy, doing Tact*2 damage. After casting Arcane Blast, your next Arcane Missiles or Arcane Explosion hit that enemy twice as hard.
Arcane Missiles – Channeled ability that fires three missiles that do Tact/2 damage per missile. Each missile can affect different enemies. Only usable three times per encounter.
Mana Shield – Absorbs Tact*2 damage while active. If the damage you take exceeds your Tact*2 while this is active, you are exhausted and cannot cast for one round. Lasts three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Special Abilities

Frost (Stamina)
Ice Block – You become encased in a block of ice, where you are immune to all attacks for three rounds. You also cannot do anything while in the block of ice. After it wears off, you suffer from hypothermia, and cannot cast this again for the encounter.
Cone of Cold – An icy wind emanates from you in a cone, doing Stam*3 damage and [slowing] any enemies it hits for two rounds. Costs 1 MP.

Ice Barrier – Absorbs Stam*2 damage. Lasts until the damage is taken or the encounter is over. Costs 2 MP, cannot stack.
Blizzard – Ice shards pelt an area of your choice within 40 yards of yourself, doing Stam*2 frost damage per round and [slowing] all targets in the area for three rounds. 20 yard radius. Costs 3 MP.

Ring of Frost – After one round, a permanent ring of frost appears on the ground in melee range around an enemy. Any enemy crossing the ring from within or outside is [frozen] for three rounds. Costs 4 MP.

Summon Water Elemental – Summon a water elemental to fight for you. The water elemental has Stam*2 hit points and will shoot water bolts at enemy you choose; it will attack what you attack if not specified. Water bolts are a normal attack and do Stam*3 damage. As a special attack, you can have the water elemental surround you to absorb up to Stam*5 damage, but it cannot attack while surrounding you. The next round, any enemies in melee range will be [frozen], and the water elemental will die. The water elemental lasts until it dies, is sacrificed, or is dismissed. Costs 5 MP.

Fire (Power)
Blast Wave – A wave of flame radiates out of you in all directions, causing any enemy in melee range to take Pow*2 damage and [slowing] them for one round. Costs 1 MP.
Cauterize – Any attack that would have killed you is instantly cauterized, and you are instead brought to half your health. However, you burn for 25% of your health per round until you are healed to full. Only triggered once per encounter.

Dragon’s Breath – You breath fire in a cone in front of you, doing Pow damage and [disorienting] any enemy it hits for two rounds. Costs 2 MP.
Flamestrike – Calls down a pillar of fire, burning enemies in a 10 yard radius for [Pow*2] fire damage, then burning them for an additional [Pow] damage per round for two rounds. New Flamestrike burn effects overwrite any existing burn effects. Costs 3 MP.

Living Bomb – Your enemy becomes a living, breathing bomb and takes Pow*1.5 damage per round for three rounds. At the end of the third round, it explodes and takes Pow*3 damage. Anyone (even friends) in melee range is also hit by the explosion and takes Pow *1.5 damage. Costs 4 MP.

Pyroblast – Hurls an immense fiery boulder that causes Pow*5 damage on impact. Costs 5 MP.

Arcane (Tactics)
Invisibility – You cloak yourself in magical energies and become [invisible] on your next turn for three rounds. You become visible on your fourth turn. Only usable once per encounter.
Spellsteal – Steal a beneficial magical effect from someone. Whichever effect was most recently applied is the one that will be stolen. Costs 1 MP.

Blink – You teleport forward 20 yards in the blink of an eye, unless something is in your way, in which case you go nowhere and waste your turn. You must specify which direction you’re facing before you Blink. Costs 2 MP.
Arcane Explosion – A backlash of magical energy explodes from you, hitting all enemies within a ten yard radius for [Tact*3] damage. Costs 3 MP.

Polymorph – Transforms the enemy into a harmless, clueless sheep for five rounds. The sheep will stand in place and bleat loudly until the effect wears off or it gets hit by any attack. While polymorphed, the enemy will regenerate 50% of its health per round. Costs 4 MP.

Mirror Image – You create three identical copies of yourself, which cast arcane blast on whatever enemy you attack as a normal attack. The images have [Stam] hit points and last for three rounds after you summon them. Costs 5 MP.


Frost (Stamina)
A – Shatter – If your target is [frozen], your attack is a guaranteed critical.
B – Permafrost – If a target is [frozen] or [slowed] from a Frost attack, its healing received is reduced by 50%.
C – Deep Freeze – If you cast a spell that adds a [slow] effect onto an enemy that is already [slowed], you have a 25% chance to [freeze] the target.
D – Icy Veins – You take 20% less damage from all sources.
Fire (Power)
A – Hot Streak – If you score a critical three times in a row, the next special attack you do is guaranteed to also be a critical.
B – Impact – Your Fireball and Pyroblast spells have a 25% chance to cause a [stun] effect for one round.
C – Ignite – Your Fireball and Pyroblast spells add a burn effect to the affected enemy, causing them to burn for [Pow] damage for three rounds.
D – Pyromaniac – Your critical chance increases by 10%.
A – Invocation – After using Counterspell or Spellsteal, you do damage*1.5 on your next offensive attack.
B – Torment the Weak – If the enemy is affected by a status, the integer modifier of your arcane attacks increases by one.
C – Wink – You can stop at increments of five yards when you cast Blink and you can move 5 extra yards without using your actions for two turns.
D – Focus Magic – At the beginning of the encounter, you pick your focus magic target. If that target scores a critical, your next attack is a guaranteed critical.


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