Generic Normal Attacks

Cleanse – Remove all poison or disease effects from a target. Only usable once per encounter.
Divine Shield – Place a shield of invulnerability on yourself or someone else for the rest of this round and the next round. Per encounter, can only be used for yourself and one other person. Any paladin or priest can act within the shield, but all others are overwhelmed by the intense Holy energy and cannot.
Lay on Hands – Call for divine intervention and heal a target (including yourself) for an amount equal to your current hit points. Only usable once per day.

Redemption – Spend 2 rounds calling down as much holy energy as you can stand to bring a recently deceased ally back to life. Does not work if the target has been dead for more than a few minutes. Cannot be used in combat.

*Note all auto attacks are Judgments that do an additional KS/2 damage.

Specialty-Based Normal Abilities

Stamina (Endurance)
Hammer of the Righteous – Slam your Light infused weapon into the current target, doing Stam Holy damage and causing the target to be [weakened].
Avenger’s Shield – Hurls your shield an an enemy target, doing Stam/2 damage, silencing and interrupting that target and two others, then returning to you. Only usable 3 times per encounter.
Sanctuary – Reduces damage taken by 50% while active. Lasts three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Power (Mana)
Crusader Strike – A quick, fervid strike that does Pow*2 Holy damage.
Divine Storm – Whirl around in a flurry of holy energy, doing Pow Holy damage to any enemies in melee range. Only usable three times per encounter.
Blessing of Freedom – Grant any target immunity to movement impairing effects for three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Tactics (Intelligence)
Flash of Light – Make a quick plea to the Light to briefly wash over a target, healing them for Tact*0.2.
Holy Light – Call the Light to sustain a friendly target, healing them for Tact*0.5. Only usable three times per encounter.
Hand of Sacrifice – Redirects 25% of all damage on a target to the paladin. If the damage you take exceeds your Tact*2 while this is active, you are exhausted and cannot cast for one round. Lasts three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Talented Abilities

Protection (Stamina)
Holy Wrath – Emanate blinding Holy Light doing Stam Holy damage and causing anything in melee range to be [disoriented] for 3 rounds. Can be used once per encounter.
Turn Evil – Compel an undead or demon target to run in terror from you for 3 rounds. Costs 1 AP.

Divine Protection – Reduces damage taken from magical sources by 50% for a round. Costs 2 AP.
Light’s Vengeance – Hurl a Light-infused weapon to the ground, causing it to do Stam*2 Holy damage and heal allies for Stam each round for 3 rounds. The arcing light energy causes enemies to be [slowed] for a round after hitting them. Costs 3 AP.

Consecration – After one round, consecrate the ground beneath you in a circle with a radius of 10 yards. Any enemy on the consecrated ground takes Stam Holy damage per round. Lasts 3 rounds. Costs 4 AP.

Ardent Defender – Reduce damage taken by 75% for 2 rounds. During this time, any attack that would kill you instead heals you to half your health. Costs 5 AP.

Retribution (Power)
Hammer of Justice – Slam a heavy weapon or gauntleted fist into a foe’s head and [stun] them for a round. Only usable once per encounter.
Templar’s Verdict – A definitive strike that deals Pow*3 damage. Costs 1 AP.

Sacred Shield – Place a dense shield of Holy Light around you, absorbing Pow*2 damage, up to Pow per round. Lasts until the damage is taken or the end of the encounter. Costs 2 AP.
Retribution Aura – Emanate an aura of justice, causing any ally within 40 yards to automatically cause Pow Holy damage to any enemy that strikes them. Costs 3 AP.

Seal of Righteousness – Surround yourself with righteous energy, causing any attack you do next round to hit all targets in melee range. Costs 4 AP.

Guardian of Ancient Kings – Summons a Guardian of Ancient Kings to fight with you for an encounter. The Guardian will do Pow*2 Holy damage and heal the ally with the lowest HP for 2 every round. As soon as there is nothing to fight, it will disappear. Costs 5 AP.

Holy (Tactics)
Denounce – Cast down the enemy with a surge of Holy energy, causing Tact Holy damage and not allowing them to score a critical on their next attack. Only usable once per encounter.
Holy Shock – Blasts the target with Holy energy, causing Tact*0.3 healing or damaging an enemy for Tact*2. Has +25% chance to be a critical hit. Costs 1 AP.

Beacon of Light – Turn someone into a shining beacon of the light. All heals on anyone else within 60 yards of the the beacon will also heal the beacon target for 50% of the heal, rounded up. There can only be one beacon of light at a time. Costs 2 AP.
Devotion Aura – Emanate an aura of profound devotion, inspiring allies within 40 yards and causing them to be immune to silence and interrupt effects and to take 50% less magic damage for a round. Costs 3 AP.

Light of Dawn – Emanate a wave of Holy energy, healing the 3 most injured allies for Tact*0.2. Costs 4 AP.

Holy Prism – Sends a beam of Holy Light toward the target, turning them into a prism of Holy energy (triangle around target). If an enemy is the prism, they take Tact Holy damage and radiate Tact*0.2 healing to 5 nearby allies within 15 yards. If an ally is the prism, they are healed for Tact*0.4 and radiate Tact/2 Holy damage to 5 nearby enemies within 15 yards. Lasts until dispelled. There can only be one holy prism cast at a time. Costs 5 AP.


Protection (Stamina)
A – Unbreakable Spirit – Gain 2 AP whenever you fall below 20% of your total health.
B – Grand Crusader – Any time you successfully avoid an attack, you have a 50% chance to get a free auto attack.
C – Guardian of the Light – You reduce your enemies chance to critically hit you by 10%.
D – Eternal Defender – Each time you take damage, you have a 20% chance to gain a temporary hit point for the duration of the encounter.
Retribution (Power)
A – Pursuit of Justice – Gain [speed] at all times.
B – Sanctity of Battle – Any successful hit with a melee weapon has a 10% chance to heal you for 2 HP.
C – Inquisition – Any time you critically strike with a holy attack, gain 2 AP.
D – Avenging Wrath – Increase all damage modifiers by 1.
Holy (Tactics)
A – Illuminated Healing – Your heals also place a shield on the target for a round that absorbs Tact/2 damage.
B – Infusion of Light – If the target of your healing was just healed with Holy Shock, your next heal does twice as much healing.
C – Clemency – You can use Blessing of Sacrifice and Divine Shield an extra time per encounter.
D – Divine Favor – Increase the critical chance of your healing spells by 10%.


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