Generic Normal Attacks

Pummel – Throw a quick blow with whatever you can at an enemy, interrupting a spell cast. Only usable once per encounter.
Charge – Charge at an opponent within 40 yards at high speed (get there at the end of this round).
Rallying Cry – Increase your allies’ health by 20% for five rounds. Only affects allies within 40 yards. Only usable once per day.

Seasoned – Any skilled warrior will have fought in countless battles, and can size up an enemy in moments. They’ll also share any important information with their allies. There’s a reason they’re still around in a world based so heavily on magic.

Specialty-Based Normal Attacks

Stamina (Endurance)
Shield Slam – Slam the target with your shield, doing Stam*2 damage.
Spell Reflect – Return a harmful spell back to its caster. Only usable three times per encounter.
Demoralizing Shout – Reduces damage done by all enemies in melee range at the time of the shout by 50% while active. Lasts three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Power (Mana)
Bloodthirst – Feverishly attack your target with your main hand weapon, doing Pow*2 damage and healing yourself for 1 HP. Bloodthirst has an extra 10% chance to crit.
Cleave – Swing mightily in a wide arc with both weapons, hitting up to 3 enemies for Pow*3 damage. Only usable three times per encounter.
Enraged Regeneration – Heal yourself for Stam*0.1 per round, but decrease your chance to hit by 50%. Lasts three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Tactics (Intelligence)
Mortal Strike – Deliver a well placed blow, doing Tact*2 damage. Until healed to full, the target takes 50% less healing.
Sweeping Strikes – All attacks strike an additional opponent for the next three rounds (this can chain). Only usable three times per encounter.
Die by the Sword – Increases your parry chance by 100% and makes you extremely defensive, reducing the damage you take by 25% for three rounds. Each time you parry, you get a free auto attack, but cannot do anything else during this duration. Only usable once per encounter.

Special Abilities

Protection (Stamina)
Last Stand – Increase your health by 100% for 3 rounds. Only usable once per encounter.
Shield Block – Masterfully maneuver your shield to block all physical melee attacks from enemies in front of you for 2 rounds (half damage). Costs 1 AP.

Intervene – Run to save an ally within 40 yards, moving to their location and taking the next attack that would hit them. Your presence also causes the attacker to have a 50% less chance to hit if they continue to attack that person. Costs 2 AP.
Thunder Clap – Blast all enemies in melee range with Stam damage, causing them all to be [weakened] for 3 rounds . Costs 3 AP.

Shockwave – Send a cone of force in front of you, doing Stam*2.5 damage and [incapacitating] any enemies caught in it for 1 round. Costs 4 AP.

Shield Wall – Use your shield as a barricade and absorb Stam*5 damage per round for 3 rounds. Costs 5 AP.

Fury (Power)
Flurry – Gain an extra normal action each round for three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.
Whirlwind – In a whirlwind of steel, attack all enemies in melee range for Pow*2 damage. Costs 1 AP.

Wild Strike – A quick strike with your off-hand weapon that does Pow*2.5 damage (main hand does extra auto attack). Costs 2 AP.
Raging Blow – A rage-fueled attack with both weapons at the same time. Can attack 2 targets for Pow*2.5 damage each, but if focused on one target, does Pow*5. Costs 3 AP.

Heroic Leap – You launch yourself at a location within 40 yards and land with destructive force, doing Pow*3 damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the location. Costs 4 AP.

Recklessness – Increase your chance to critically strike by 100% for three rounds, but take 100% more damage. Costs 5 AP.

Arms (Tactics)
Disarm – Deftly remove a weapon from an opponents’ grasp. Only usable once per encounter.
Overpower – After an enemy dodges your attack, take a free action (immediate) to overpower them and hit them for Tact*2 damage. This cannot be blocked, dodged, or parried, and has a 50% chance to critically strike. Costs 1 AP.

Impending Victory – Sense the near victory if 50% or more of an enemy group is defeated and use this ability to heal yourself for half your hit points. Costs 2 AP.
Colossus Smash – Swing mightily and destroy an opponents’ armor, doing 100% more damage to that target for 3 rounds.. Costs 3 AP.

Execute – If an enemy is below 20% health, attempt to finish them off, doing Tact*8 damage. Costs 4 AP.

Bladestorm – In a whirling storm of destructive force, you strike all targets in melee range for Tact*3 damage the next 3 rounds. You can move, dodge, and parry but cannot otherwise act during this duration. You do not feel pity or remorse and cannot be stopped unless killed. Costs 5 AP.


Protection (Stamina)
A – Heavy Repurcussions – While Shield Block is active, your Shield Slam hits twice as hard.
B – Hold the Line – After parrying, your next attack does an extra Stam damage.
C – Vengeance – Every time you take more than a quarter of your health at once during an encounter, your damage output increases by 100%.
D – Unwavering Sentinel – Reduces your chance to be hit by 10%.
Fury (Power)
A – Insatiable – After using Whirlwind, your Raging Blow can hit another target for full damage.
B – Bloodsurge – Your Bloodthirst ability has a 20% chance to give you a Wild Strike at no cost.
C – Titan’s Grip – You can wield two 2-handed weapons.
D – Rampage – During an encounter, your critical chance increases by 5% on every critical strike, up to 20%.
Arms (Tactics)
A – Warbringer – Your charge ability now [stuns] a target for a round and reduces movement speed of the enemy by 50%.
B – Second Wind – If you become inflicted by a status, gain 1 AP and 1 HP.
C – Taste for Blood – Mortal Strike has a 10% chance to have the same effect of Colossus Smash.
D – Master of Arms – All of your attacks have a 25% chance to hit twice and you cannot be disarmed.


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