Generic Normal Abilities

Tranquility (Instant) – Heals all allies for KS*0.2 per round for three rounds. Must be channeled in humanoid or tree form. Only usable once per encounter.
Rejuvenation – Heal an ally or yourself for KS*0.1. Must be in humanoid or tree form.
Rebirth – Return a spirit to its body. Must be used within 30 seconds of death. Must be in humanoid/tree form. Only usable once per day.

Prowl – At the beginning of the round, a feral druid in cat form must declare if in [stealth] mode or not. If so, enemy targets cannot see the rogue unless they are within 5 feet in front of the enemy.
Symbiosis – Creates a symbiotic link with an ally, allowing the druid to have an ability of theirs, and the ally to have an ability of the druid’s. See Symbiosis.
Travel Form (Instant) – A druid can transform into a fitting animal for faster transportation. This includes a storm crow for flying, a stag for ground movement (which also allows a rider), and a seal for water movement. Cannot be used in combat.
*Changing form takes up a normal action for the druid, but does give 1 AP and removes [slow] and [immobilize] effects.

Normal Abilities

Stamina (Endurance/2)
Rip (Instant) – Claw at an enemy, doing Stam*1.5 damage.
Thrash (Instant) – Strike all enemies in melee range for Stam*2 damage. Only usable three times per encounter.
Savage Defense (Instant) – Increase your chance to dodge by 50% for three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Bear Form – Increases health by 50% and chance to dodge by 10%. Also increases armor class to Plate.
Cat Form – Grants [stealth] and increases normal action damage modifiers by 1.

Power (Mana/2)
Wrath – Cause Pow*2.5 Nature damage to an enemy.
Typhoon – Summons a violent typhoon that strikes enemies in front of the caster within 30 yards for Pow*3 damage, knocking them back 10 yards and [slowing] them for a round. Only usable three times per encounter.
Innervate (Instant) – Cause a target to regenerate 2 AP per round for the next three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Moonkin Form – Increases all damage modifiers by 1 and reduces damage taken by 10%.

Tactics (Intelligence)
Nourish – Heal an ally for Tact*0.2.
Swiftmend (Instant) – Heal an ally for Tact*0.3, as well as the two most injured allies within 20 yards. Only usable three times per encounter.
Barkskin (Instant) – Reduce damage taken by 50% for three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.

Special Abilities

Feral (Stamina)
Might of Ursoc/King of the Jungle (Instant) – Increase health by 100% for three rounds in bear form or enter [stealth] in cat form. Only usable once per encounter.
Maul/Ravage (Instant) – Does Stam*2 damage to a target. If behind the target in cat form, does Stam*3 damage. Costs 1 AP.

Stampeding Roar (Instant) – Give [speed] to all allies for three rounds. Costs 2 AP.
Bear Hug/Skull Bash – In bear form, [incapacitates] you and an enemy for three rounds. In cat form, you charge a target within 25 yards, do Stam*3 damage and [incapacitate] it for a round. Costs 3 AP.

Berserk (Instant) – Reduce the mana cost of all spells except Frenzied Regeneration/Leader of the Pack by 100% for three rounds and become immune to [fear] and [slow] effects. Costs 4 AP.

Frenzied Regeneration/Leader of the Pack (Instant) – Regenerate Stam*0.1 HP per round for 3 rounds in bear form or increase all allies critical strike chance by 50% for three rounds. Costs 5 AP.

Balance (Power)
Celestial Focus – Cannot be [interrupted] or [silenced] for three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.
Moonfire (Instant) – Burns a target for Pow*2 damage, then an additional Pow damage per round for three rounds. Costs 1 AP.

Starsurge – Fuse the power of the moon and the sun, doing Pow*2 damage and [disorienting] the enemy for a round. Costs 2 AP.
Solar Beam – Summon a beam of solar light 10 yards across at a location, doing Pow damage and [silencing] anyone in it. Costs 3 AP.

Starfall (Instant) – Summon a flurry of stars from the sky to do Pow*2 damage per round to all enemies within 40 yards of yourself for 3 rounds. Costs 4 AP.

Wild Mushroom (Instant) – Grow a magical mushroom with 5 HP at a location. After three rounds, you can detonate the mushroom to do Pow*3 damage to anything within 10 yards of it. The mushroom becomes [invisible] after a round, and you can only grow three mushrooms at a time. Costs 5 AP.

Restoration (Tactics)
Nature’s Grasp (Instant) – The next three attackers that hit you will be [immobilized] for three rounds. Only usable once per encounter.
Lifebloom (Instant) – Heal a target for Tact*0.1 damage every round for three rounds. If this is removed prematurely, heals the target for Tact*0.4. Costs 1 AP.

Remove Corruption (Instant) – Remove the most recently applied curse, poison, or harmful magic effect from an ally. Costs 2 AP.
Regrowth – Heal a target for Tact*0.2 with a 50% chance to critically strike. Costs 3 AP.

Wild Growth (Instant) – Heals all allies for Tact*0.1 per round for three rounds. Costs 4 AP.

Tree of Life (Instant) – For the next three rounds, transform into a sentient tree, which increases all healing done by 100% and reduces damage done to you by 50%. Costs 5 MP.


Feral (Stamina)
A – Predatory Swiftness – Gain [speed] if attacking a target below 50% health.
B – Faerie Fire – Auto attacks [weaken] the enemy.
C – Nature’s Guardian – Reduce the chance you’ll be critically hit by 10%/All special attacks have a 10% higher chance to critically strike.
D – Kin of Ursoc/Heart of the Wild – Any time you take damage, retaliate with a free Rip at the end of the round/Have a 20% chance to duplicate all actions for free.
Balance (Power)
A – Chosen of Elune – Increase all Moonfire, Starsurge, and Starfall damage modifiers by 1.
B – Disciple of Cenarius – Increase Wrath, Typhoon, and Wild Mushroom damage modifiers by 1.
C – Force of Nature – Give your special attacks a 20% chance to summon three treant protectors to fight with you for three rounds (KS damage per round on your target).
D – Eclipse – Critical strikes have a 20% chance to hit twice.
Restoration (Tactics)
A – Omen of Clarity – 20% chance on a successful special ability to have your next special ability use no AP.
B – Soul of the Forest – After casting Swiftmend, your next non-instant spell is instant.
C – Living Seed – After critically healing an ally, plant a Living Seed in them, which will heal them for KS*0.1 damage the next time they take damage.
D – Malfurion’s Gift – Tranquility lasts an extra round and does not need to be channeled.


Ability Given to Ally
Death Knight – Might of Ursoc (Blood), Wild Mushroom: Plague (Frost and Unholy)
Hunter – Remove Corruption
Mage – Rejuvenation
Paladin – Rebirth (Holy), Barkskin (Protection), Wrath (Retribution)
Priest – Innervate (Discipline and Holy), Tranquility (Shadow)
Rogue – Nature’s Grasp
Shaman – Solar Beam (Elemental and Enhancement), Prowl (Restoration, in Ghost Wolf)
Warlock – Lifebloom
Warrior – Stampeding Shout (Arms and Fury), Savage Defense (Protection)

Ability Received from Ally
Death Knight – Bone Shield/Life Coil (Feral, Bear/Cat), Anti-Magic Shell (Balance), Icebound Fortitude (Restoration)
Hunter – Ice Trap/Play Dead, Misdirection, Deterrence
Mage – Frost Armor/Cauterize, Mirror Image, Ice Block
Paladin – Consecration/Divine Shield, Hammer of Justice, Cleanse
Priest – Fear Ward/Dispersion, Mass Dispel, Leap of Faith
Rogue – Feint/Slice and Dice, Cloak of Shadows, Evasion
Shaman – Lightning Shield/Feral Spirit, Purge, Hex
Warlock – Harvest Life/Hellfire, Unending Resolve, Fel Armor
Warrior – Spell Reflect/Colossus Smash, Intervene, Demoralizing Shout


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